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We, G-parts Co., Ltd., joined the NGP Group in 2004,

We mainly sell automobile dismantling business and reused automobile parts.

We provide high-quality parts that can be reused from used automobiles not only to automobile repair companies but also to everyone in Japan.

At the same time, we are also engaged in export business, mainly in the Philippines, and we are working on customer first with our sales policy of "community-based beyond imagination" along with our own growth and information sharing with customers.


In the same district "Goto Group”, we have built a system that allows us to entrust everything about automobile after-sales services such as sheet metal painting, vehicle inspection, general maintenance, and insurance business at “Goto Motor Co., Ltd.”.

Goto Co., Ltd. sells new and used cars. rental car,

We also accept car lease consultations.

3 group companies sell customer's car ⇒ repair⇒ Everything can be completed until scrapped.


Company name: G-parts Co., Ltd.

Established: June 2001 (Heisei 13)

Business: Auto dismantling business, sale of used auto parts, export

address:〒470-2531 Taketoyo Town, Chita District, Aichi Prefecture

Business hours: am9:00-pm6:30

Closed: Sundays and national holidays (subject to change before long holidays)

Phone number: 0569-74-1007

Fax: 0569-74-1008


・NGP related insurance companies

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd.


・Various permit numbers and qualifications

Antique Dealer License Number Aichi Prefecture Public Safety Commission No. 542770102600

Collection company 20231020124

Fluorocarbon recovery company 20232020124

Demolition company 20233020124

​ Company Profile

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